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Anett Kontaveit

Current WTA Singles Ranking 34.


I am very grateful to everyone who supports and believes in me. Also to everyone who have invested in my growth and development since  I was 12. A lot of my supporters are amateur tennis players and big tennis fans. I hope that I offer all of you a lot of positive emotions in the future.

Baltic Workboats


BWB_logoBaltic Workboats (BWB) is internationally known European ship builder. The yard of Baltic Workboats is located in Estonia on the island of Saaremaa. This island has been traditional centre of ship building for many centuries. Baltic Workboats specializes on high speed lightweight aluminium vessels for pilots, coast guard, SAR units, police, and fishery patrol. In addition to these Baltic Workboats have successfully delivered a variety of research platforms, tugboats, ferries and different specialized ships. In their line of production Baltic Workboats is a region leader. These vessels service public and private institutions of such countries as Sweden, Belgium, UK, Ireland, Germany, Ukraine, Croatia and many others.


Hotel Telegraaf


telegraafThe Revaler Handels Bank built magnificent building in the old town of Tallinn at Vene Street 9 in 1878. When the Republic of Estonia was established in 1918, the building was used as the post and telegraph center. The building retained this function in Soviet period. In 2007, the building was reopened as luxury 5 star Hotel Telegraaf.


Saarineni maja


saarinen_logokuld-copy-2One of the most beautiful commercial buildings in Tallinn. Built in neoclassical style by famous Finnish architect Eliel Gottlieb Saarinen on 1912 as a bank building. At this moment so called Saarinen’s House accommodates Estonian Ministry of Culture, Culural Capital, Estonian Song and Dance Celebration Festival Foundation, investment and law firms, publishers and press, shops including legendary book store – Rahva Raamat.




tallinkTallink Grupp is one of the largest passenger and cargo shipping companies in the Baltic Sea region. The company operates on six shipping routes under the brands of Tallink and Silja Line. Additionally Tallink operates four hotels in Tallinn and one hotel in Riga under the hotel chain brand Tallink Hotels.




Tallinna Sadam