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Anett’s new coach is an experienced Dutchman Glenn Schaap

Estonia’s finest tennis player, Anett Kontaveit has been coached by Dutchman Glenn Schaap since May.

The 48-year-old Schaap has worked as a coach for over 20 years and trained several top players, including Jennifer Capriati and Dinara Safina. His former students also include Brenda Schultz, Mirjana Lucic, Magdalena Maleeva, Nadja Petrova, Andrea Petkovic, and Jelena Dokic. Over the recent years, he has been working as a head coach of the Swizz Tennis Federation.

“At first, of course we checked how experienced he is and what he has done during his career but it was not a priority for me. When we spoke for the first time, we got on very well. I felt at ease and calm and we began to build trust,” says Anett. “If there is no trust, it does not matter who he has coached before.”

“I told Anett that I have been touring for 20 years and indeed, worked with only a handful of players but all of them reached the top. Two of them were the top tennis players in the world and I did not start working with them when they were already at the top but I had to get them there. We achieved success with nothing other than hard work,” says Schaap.

Anett was previously training at the Koza WOS Sports Academy in Turkey but due to the tense situation in Turkey, she did not wish to continue there. “There was nothing wrong with the academy per say, but I did not want to stay in that environment,” admits Anett. “Everything that happened there seemed scary to me, I did not feel safe there anymore.”

On the American tour in spring, Anett injured her abdominal muscle and therefore, has not participated in tournaments in the meantime, but she is ready to play at the France Open championship. “It was actually just a minor abdominal strain but it is dangerous in that if you tear it several times, scar tissue forms, which facilitates tearing even more,” explains Anett. “In order to fully recover, I was not playing anywhere. I did train but did not serve for quite a while. It was a time-consuming process.”

Anett began training with Schaap in Switzerland on 1 May and after the first weeks; she was satisfied with the cooperation. “I have a very, very good feeling about this. Everything he says and teaches me is very exciting and interesting. We get along very well,” says Anett. “Glenn has a slightly different approach, the workouts are very elaborate. No exercise is just for the sake of doing it, which is slightly new for me and for now at least, it seems that it is benefitting me. I am very happy with the workouts.”

Schaap admitted that he is a fairly strict and demanding coach. “As an athlete, it is important to let yourself be trained and coached. Not allowing your coach to guide you in certain aspects makes it difficult to improve. I support and explain, show what needs to be done. The player must be highly disciplined and set limits to themselves, otherwise they will not be successful,” says Schaap. “As a coach, I am very demanding, but I believe it is normal. During these two weeks, Anett has worked very well and I am very pleased with her. During this time, I have seen that she is starved; she absorbs everything I show her and let her do at workouts. Everything is new and interesting to her. She has a strong will and is very competitive. It is very important that she has a warrior spirit.”

Anett, now graduating from the Audentes Sports Gymnasium, has two more exams to take. “The end is so close – the school exam and the mathematics exam and then I am done,” says Anett. “School has definitely limited my options. For example, I could be playing at a warm-up tournament for the French Open right now, but I need to stay home and study. When I graduate from high school, it will give me spiritual freedom. I will no longer be like a hamster on a wheel when I come home, but will have more quality time at home.”

Schaap also agreed that putting school behind her will benefit Anett’s tennis career. “I believe that it is very important that she is graduating,” says Schaap. “Once school is finished, she is free to spread her wings and enjoy both business and pleasure, competing with the best players in the world. It will be a very exciting time for Anett and for me.”

“Anett is a very lovely and open person. She understands that if she wants to reach the top, she must work hard,” says Schaap. “I explained to her that we will have both good and bad times, both easy and difficult, and we just need to come to terms with it. Anett is a fascinating player, she is from the new generation, was just a part of the juniors, and she is young but extremely talented. She has immense potential to become an extraordinary player. She already is a great player, but she has more yet to achieve. She must know what to do in order to get better, but this comes in time and step by step. She must have a clear vision, a specific goal that she wants to reach. There is always room for improvement in every field.”

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Anett Kontaveit Wimbledonis, 2015

Anett Kontaveit Wimbledonis, 2015

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